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Ask your MP to support the battery cage ban!

In June we wrote to all MPs asking them to pledge their support for a ban on the use of battery cages for the breeding of pheasants and partridges. These cages each hold one cock pheasant and eight to ten females for the whole of their productive lives. Many of the birds wear 'anti-aggression' face masks, whose purpose is to prevent the stressed birds from attacking one another. In a desperate attempt to escape the cages, the pheasants repeatedly fly upwards into the cage roof, causing what is known in the industry as ‘scalping’ to their heads. (Find out more here.)

Please enter or confirm your address details below. We'll be able to tell you whether your MP has already pledged support. If not, we'll present you with a template message that you can modify and send to your MP. If your MP has pledged support, you'll be able to thank him or her.

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