Take action - email Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK has helped fund a series of cruel and archaic animal experiments that were conducted at Edinburgh University. The research, which was investigating treatments for bile duct cancer, involved furless, genetically modified mice being injected with human cancer cells, while other groups of rodents were subjected to around six months of chemical poisoning to induce cancer. The substance used to poison the animals was thioacetamide (TAA) – a substance that has traditionally been used in the motor fuel and leather industries. 

In the era of computer modelling, sophisticated cell-based techniques and high-resolution scanning, it is incomprehensible that one of the UK’s leading cancer charities should be paying for animals to be poisoned and injected with human tumour cells in an absurdly outdated attempt to ‘model’ cancer in people.

Please contact Harpal Kumar, Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK, and ask the charity to stop funding cruel and outdated experiments on animals.  


Dear Sir Harpal