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Take action to help stop animal experiments at the Royal Veterinary College

Earlier this year we told how the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), which declares itself ‘wholly committed to animal health and welfare’, had bred its own colony of dogs with a genetic flaw, leading them to suffer a canine version of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. These poor dogs will be killed when they are only 18 months old.

After highlighting this extremely distressing development, we went on to discover that thousands of ‘procedures’ are conducted on animals, each year by RVC researchers. Species used range from dogs and cats to salamanders and fish.

Pregnant sheep have been surgically mutilated to obtain data on blood flow; GM mice were injected daily and then had their necks broken; and we have just recently discovered a cruelly absurd piece of research involving guinea fowl. The researchers describe how the animals were anaesthetised, had electrodes inserted into their leg muscles and, after they had regained consciousness, were made to negotiate obstacles on a treadmill.

Through Freedom of Information Act requests, Animal Aid has discovered that more than 9,000 procedures were conducted on animals in 2014.

Please register your opposition to the use of animals in experiments by the RVC. Even if you have already done so, please do consider sending another email that reflects our most recent discoveries. It is extremely important that the RVC realise how upset and troubled people are by its conduct. The job of a veterinary college should be to heal, not deliberately harm, animals.

Please contact Professor Stuart Reid, Principal, Royal Veterinary College, to object to the disturbing experiments being conducted at the RVC.

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