Below are all the constituencies where a candidate has signed the Rethink manifesto.General Election Campaign motif

If your area is not on the list, or if not all the candidates have pledged to champion mental health in the next parliament, then please send them a message now using our easy online form.

Aldridge-Brownhills: Karl Macnaughton, Green 

Altrincham and Sale West: Ms Jane Brophy, Liberal Democrat

Altrincham and Sale West: Tom Ross, Labour

Amber Valley: Judy Mallaber, Labour 

Ashfield: Mr Jason Zadrozny, Liberal Democrat

Ashford: Mr Steve Campkin, Green

Ashford: Mr Chris Clark, Labour

Ashford: Mr Chris Took, Liberal Democrat

Ashton-under-Lyne: Mr David Heyes, Labour

Aylesbury: Mr Steven Lambert, Liberal Democrat

Aylesbury: Kathryn White, Labour 

Banbury: Dr Alastair White, Green

Barnsley Central: Eric Illsley, Labour 

Barrow and Furness: Chris Loynes, Green 

Basingstoke: Ms Funda Pepperell, Labour

Bath: Hattie Ajderian, Labour

Bath: Don Foster, Liberal Democrat

Battersea: Guy Evans, Green 

Battersea: Mr Martin Linton, Labour

Beaconsfield: Mr John Edwards, Liberal Democrat

Beaconsfield: Mr Jeremy Miles, Labour

Beckenham: Ann Garrett, Green 

Bedford: Patrick Hall, Labour 

Bermondsey and Old Southwark: Val Shawcross, Labour

Berwick-upon-Tweed: Rt Hon Alan Beith, Liberal Democrat 

Bethnal Green and Bow: Rushanara Ali, Labour 

Bethnal Green and Bow: Farid Bakht, Green 

Bethnal Green and Bow: Alexander van Terheyden, Pirate

Beverley and Holderness: Mr Craig Dobson, Liberal Democrat

Beverley and Holderness: Mr Bill Rigby, Green

Beverley and Holderness: Mr Ian Saunders, Labour

Bexhill and Battle: James Royston, Labour 

Bexhill and Battle: Ms Mary Varrall, Liberal Democrat

Bexleyheath and Crayford: Mr Adrian Ross, Green 

Birmingham Edgbaston: Phil Simpson, Green 

Birmingham Yardley: John Hemming, Liberal Democrat

Blackpool North and Cleveleys: Mr Bill Greene, Liberal Democrat

Blackpool North and Cleveleys: Mr Paul Maynard, Conservative

Bolton South East: Donal O'Hanlon, Liberal Democrat

Boston and Skegness: Mr Paul Kenny, Labour

Bosworth: Mr Michael Mullaney, Liberal Democrat

Bournemouth West: Ms Sharon Carr-Brown, Labour

Bournemouth West: Mr Alasdair Murray, Liberal Democrat

Bracknell: Ray Earwicker, Liberal Democrat

Bracknell: Mr John Piasecki, Labour

Bracknell: David Young, Green

Bradford West: Dr David Hall-Matthews, Liberal Democrat

Braintree: Daisy Blench, Green 

Brent Central: Sarah Teather, Liberal Democrat

Brentford and Isleworth: Mr Andrew Dakers, Liberal Democrat

Bridgwater and West Somerset: Theo Butt Philip, Liberal Democrat 

Brigg and Goole: Ian Cawsey, Labour

Brigg and Goole: Mr Andrew Percy, Conservative

Brighton Kemptown: Mr Simon Burgess, Labour

Brighton Kemptown: Mr Dave Hill, TUSC

Brighton Kemptown: Dr Juliet Williams, Liberal Democrat

Brighton Pavilion: Caroline Lucas, Green

Brighton Pavilion: Berni Millam, Liberal Democrat

Brighton Pavilion: Nancy Platts, Labour

Bristol East: Mr Michael Popham, Liberal Democrat

Bristol East: Mr Glenn Vowles, Green

Bristol North West: Mr Alex Dunn, Green

Bristol North West: Mr Paul Harrod, Liberal Democrat

Bristol South: Mark Wright, Liberal Democrat

Bristol West: Mr Paul Smith, Labour

Broadland: Ms Susan Curran, Green

Bromley and Chislehurst: Ms Roisin Robertson, Green

Bromley and Chislehurst: Mr Sam Webber, Liberal Democrat

Bromsgrove: Sam Burden, Labour

Bromsgrove: Philip Ling, Liberal Democrat

Broxbourne: Mr Charles Walker, Conservative

Broxbourne: Mr Michael Watson, Labour

Broxtowe: Dr Nick Palmer, Labour

Broxtowe: Mr David Watts, Liberal Democrat

Burton: Ms Ruth Smeeth, Labour

Bury North: Richard Baum, Liberal Democrat

Bury North: Maryam Khan, Labour

Bury South: George Heron, Green

Bury South: Ivan Lewis, Labour

Bury St. Edmunds: Mr David Chappell, Liberal Democrat

Bury St. Edmunds: Mr Kevin Hind, Labour

Calder Valley: Ms Hilary Myers, Liberal Democrat

Camberwell and Peckham: Cllr Columba Blango, Liberal Democrat

Camberwell and Peckham: Cllr Jenny Jones, Green 

Camborne and Redruth: Mr Euan McPhee, Green

Camborne and Redruth: Ms Jude Robinson, Labour

Cambridge: Mr Julian Huppert, Liberal Democrat

Cambridge: Tony Juniper, Green

Cannock Chase: Ms Susan Woodward, Labour

Canterbury: Jean Samuel, Labour 

Canterbury: Mr Guy Voizey, Liberal Democrat

Carshalton and Wallington: Tom Brake, Liberal Democrat 

Carshalton and Wallington: Mr George Dow, Green

Castle Point: Brendan D'Cruz, Liberal Democrat

Castle Point: Mr Julian Ware-Lane, Labour

Central Devon: Mr Philip Hutty, Liberal Democrat

Central Devon: Moira Macdonald, Labour

Charnwood: Mr Eric Goodyer, Labour

Chatham and Aylesford: Mr Dave Arthur, Green

Chatham and Aylesford: Tracey Crouch, Conservative

Chelsea and Fulham: Mr Dirk Hazell, Liberal Democrat

Cheltenham: Martin Horwood, Liberal Democrat

Chichester: Mr Simon Holland, Labour

Chingford and Woodford Green: Ms Cath Arakelian, Labour

Chingford and Woodford Green: Mr Geoffrey Seeff, Liberal Democrat

Chippenham: Samantha Fletcher, Green 

Chippenham: Duncan Hames, Liberal Democrat 

Chippenham: Greg Lovell, Labour

Chippenham: Dr. Julia Reid, UKIP 

Cities of London and Westminster: Dr Derek Chase, Green

Cities of London and Westminster: Ms Naomi Smith, Liberal Democrat

City of Chester: Elizabeth Jewkes, Liberal Democrat

City of Chester: Christine Russell, Labour

Clacton: Mr Chris Southall, Green

Cleethorpes: Ms Shona McIsaac, Labour

Cleethorpes: Martin Vickers, Conservative 

Colchester: Mr Peter Lynn, Green

Colchester: Mr Jordan Newell, Labour

Colchester: Bob Russell, Liberal Democrat

Colne Valley: Chas Ball, Green

Colne Valley: Nicola Turner, Liberal Democrat

Congleton: Mr Peter Hirst, Liberal Democrat

Copeland: Ms Jill Perry, Green

Corby: Phil Hope, Labour 

Cotswolds: Kevin Lister, Green 

Coventry South: Mr Jim Cunningham, Labour

Coventry South: Stephen Gray, Green 

Croydon Central: Bernice Goldberg, Green

Croydon Central: Peter Lambell, Liberal Democrat

Croydon North: Mr Gerry Jerome, Liberal Democrat

Croydon South: Mr Simon Rix, Liberal Democrat

Croydon South: Mr Gordon Ross, Green

Dagenham and Rainham: Mr Jon Cruddas, Labour

Darlington: Mike Barker, Liberal Democrat

Daventry: Steve Whiffen, Green 

Denton and Reddish: Mr Andrew Gwynne, Labour

Derbyshire Dales: Mr Colin Swindell, Labour

Devizes: Mark Fletcher, Green 

Devizes: Ms Fiona Hornby, Liberal Democrat

Dewsbury: Mr Andrew Hutchinson, Liberal Democrat

Don Valley: Mr Edwin Simpson, Liberal Democrat

Don Valley: Mr Matthew Stephens, Conservative

Doncaster Central: Patrick Wilson, Liberal Democrat 

Doncaster Central: Rosie Winterton, Labour

Doncaster North: Ed Sanderson, Liberal Democrat

Dover: Mr Gwyn Prosser, Labour

Dudley North: Ian Austin, Labour

Ealing Central and Acton: Sarah Edwards, Green 

Ealing Central and Acton: Mr Bassam Mahfouz, Labour

Ealing North: Mr Steve Pound, Labour

Ealing Southall: Nigel Bakhai, Liberal Democrat

Easington: Mr Grahame Morris, Labour

Easington: Tara Saville, Liberal Democrat 

East Ham: Judy Maciejowska, Green 

East Surrey: Mr David Lee, Liberal Democrat

East Worthing and Shoreham: Timothy Loughton, Conservative

East Yorkshire: Mr Robert Adamson, Liberal Democrat

Eastbourne: Mr Dave Brinson, Labour

Eastbourne: Mr Stephen Lloyd, Liberal Democrat

Eastbourne: Nigel Waterson, Conservative

Eastleigh: Chris Huhne, Liberal Democrat 

Edmonton: Andy Love, Labour/Co-operative 

Edmonton: Iarla Kilbane-Dawe, Liberal Democrat 

Ellesmere Port and Neston: Denise Aspinall, Liberal Democrat

Eltham: Arthur Hayles, Green 

Eltham: Dr Steven Toole, Liberal Democrat 

Enfield Southgate: Bambos Charalambous, Labour

Enfield Southgate: Peter Krakowiak, Green 

Epsom and Ewell: Jonathan Lees, Liberal Democrat 

Erewash: Lee Fletcher, Green 

Esher and Walton: Lionel Blackman, Liberal Democrat 

Exeter: Cllr Paula Black, Green

Exeter: Mr Graham Oakes, Liberal Democrat

Fareham: Mr Peter Doggett, Green

Faversham and Mid Kent: Ashok Rehal, Labour 

Faversham and Mid Kent: Mr Tim Valentine, Green

Filton and Bradley Stoke: Jon Lucas, Green 

Filton and Bradley Stoke: Mr Peter Tyzack, Liberal Democrat

Folkestone and Hythe: Ms Lynne Beaumont, Liberal Democrat

Forest of Dean: James Greenwood, Green 

Forest of Dean: Bruce Hogan, Labour 

Fylde: Philip Mitchell, Green 

Garston and Halewood: Ms Paula Keaveney, Liberal Democrat

Gateshead: Andy Redfern, Green 

Gedling: Ms Julia Bateman, Liberal Democrat

Gillingham and Rainham: Mr Dean Lacey, English Democrat

Gillingham and Rainham: Ms Trish Marchant, Green

Gloucester: Richard Graham, Conservative

Gloucester: Mr Bryan Meloy, Green

Gosport: Andrea Claire Smith, Green 

Gravesham: Ms Anna Arrowsmith, Liberal Democrat

Gravesham: Mr Richard Crawford, Green

Great Grimsby: Mr Austin Mitchell, Labour

Great Yarmouth: Mr Tony Wright, Labour

Greenwich and Woolwich: Mr Andy Hewett, Green

Greenwich and Woolwich: Joseph Lee, Liberal Democrat

Guildford: Mazhar Manzoor, UKIP

Guildford: Tim Shand, Labour 

Hackney North and Stoke Newington: Mr Keith Angus, Liberal Democrat

Hackney North and Stoke Newington: Mr Matt Sellwood, Green

Hackney South and Shoreditch: Polly Lane, Green

Hackney South and Shoreditch: Mr Dave Raval, Liberal Democrat

Haltemprice and Howden: Shan Oakes, Green 

Halton: Jim Craig, Green

Halton: Mr Frank Harasiwka, Liberal Democrat

Harlow: Dave White, Liberal Democrat

Harrogate and Knaresborough: Ms Claire Kelley, Liberal Democrat

Harrow East: Bob Blackman, Conservative 

Harrow East: Nahid Boethe, Liberal Democrat

Harrow East: Mr Tony McNulty, Labour

Harrow West: Mr Rowan Langley, Green

Harwich and North Essex: Mr James Raven, Liberal Democrat

Hastings and Rye: Michael J Foster, Labour

Hastings and Rye: Mr Nick Perry, Liberal Democrat

Hayes and Harlington: Ms Satnam Kaur Khalsa, Liberal Democrat

Hayes and Harlington: Jessica Lee, Green

Hayes and Harlington: Mr John McDonnell, Labour

Hemel Hempstead: Dr Richard Grayson, Liberal Democrat

Hemel Hempstead: Ms Ayfer Orhan, Labour 

Hendon: Matthew Harris, Liberal Democrat 

Hendon: Mr Andrew Newby, Green

Henley: Mr Andrew Crick, Liberal Democrat

Hereford and South Herefordshire: Ms Sarah Carr, Liberal Democrat

Hertsmere: Mr Arjuna Krishna-Das, Green

Hexham: Mr Andrew Duffield, Liberal Democrat

Hexham: Dr Steven Ford, Independent

High Peak: Caitlin Bisknell, Labour

Hitchin and Harpenden: Mr Nigel Quinton, Liberal Democrat

Holborn and St. Pancras: Natalie Bennett, Green 

Hornchurch and Upminster: Karen Chilvers, Liberal Democrat 

Hornsey and Wood Green: Lynne Featherstone, Liberal Democrat

Hornsey and Wood Green: Mr Pete McAskie, Green

Horsham: Mr Godfrey Newman, Liberal Democrat

Hove: Mr Paul Elgood, Liberal Democrat

Huddersfield: Mr James Blanchard, Liberal Democrat

Huddersfield: Cllr Andrew Cooper, Green 

Hull East: Jeremy Wilcock, Liberal Democrat 

Huntingdon: Anthea Cox, Labour 

Huntingdon: Martin Land, Liberal Democrat

Hyndburn: Kerry Gormley, Green 

Hyndburn: Mr Andrew Rankine, Liberal Democrat

Ilford North: Caroline Allen, Green 

Ilford North: Sonia Klein, Labour 

Ilford South: Wilson Chowdhry, Green

Ilford South: Mike Gapes, Labour/Co-operative

Isle of Wight: Bob Keats, Green

Isle of Wight: Ms Jill Wareham, Liberal Democrat

Islington North: Jeremy Corbyn, Labour 

Islington North: Ms Emma Dixon, Green

Islington South and Finsbury: James Humphreys, Green 

Keighley: Mr Nader Fekri, Liberal Democrat

Kensington: Robin Meltzer, Liberal Democrat 

Kettering: Mr Chris Nelson, Liberal Democrat

Kingston and Surbiton: Mr Edward Davey, Liberal Democrat

Kingston and Surbiton: Max Freedman, Labour 

Kingston and Surbiton: Mr Chris Walker, Green

Kingston and Surbiton: Helen Whately, Conservative 

Kingston upon Hull North: Mr Martin Deane, Green

Kingswood: Mr Roger Berry, Labour

Knowsley: Mr George Howarth, Labour

Lancaster and Fleetwood: Ms Gina Dowding, Green

Leeds Central: Dr Michael Taylor, Liberal Democrat 

Leeds North East: Ms Aqila Chowdhury, Liberal Democrat

Leeds North West: Martin Hemingway, Green 

Leeds West: Ms Ruth Coleman, Liberal Democrat

Leeds West: Rachel Reeves, Labour

Leicester East: Mo Taylor, Green 

Lewes: Norman Baker, Liberal Democrat 

Lewes: Mr Hratche Koundarjian, Labour

Lewes: Cllr Susan Murray, Green

Lewes: Jason Sugarman, Conservative 

Lewisham Deptford: Cllr Darren Johnson, Green

Lewisham Deptford: Tam Langley, Liberal Democrat

Lewisham West and Penge: Cllr Romayne Phoenix, Green

Lichfield: Ian Jackson, Liberal Democrat 

Lincoln: Reginald Shore, Liberal Democrat

Liverpool Wavertree: Ms Rebecca Lawson, Green

Loughborough: Andy Reed, Labour

Louth and Horncastle: Ms Fiona Martin, Liberal Democrat

Louth and Horncastle: Mr Patrick Mountain, Labour

Ludlow: Jacqui Morrish, Green

Macclesfield: Mr John Knight, Green

Maidenhead: Mr Tony Hill, Liberal Democrat

Maidstone and The Weald: Mr Peter Carroll, Liberal Democrat

Maidstone and The Weald: Mr Stuart Jeffery, Green

Maidstone and The Weald: Dr Rav Seeruthun, Labour 

Makerfield: Mr Dave Crowther, Liberal Democrat

Maldon: Mr Swatantra Nandanwar, Labour

Manchester Gorton: Ms Justine Hall, Green

Manchester Withington: Brian Candeland, Green

Manchester Withington: John Leech, Liberal Democrat

Manchester Withington: Lucy Powell, Labour

Meon Valley: George Hollingbery, Conservative 

Meon Valley: Liz Leffman, Liberal Democrat 

Meriden: Mr Simon Slater, Liberal Democrat

Meriden: Dr Elly Stanton, Green

Mid Bedfordshire: Mr Malcolm Bailey, Green

Mid Derbyshire: Ms Sally McIntosh, Liberal Democrat

Mid Dorset and North Poole: Annette Brooke, Liberal Democrat

Mid Dorset and North Poole: Darren Brown. Labour

Mid Norfolk: Elizabeth Hughes, Labour 

Mid Sussex: Serena Tierney, Liberal Democrat 

Mid Worcestershire: Cllr Gordon Matthews, Green

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland: Nick Emmerson, Liberal Democrat 

Milton Keynes South: Ms Katrina Deacon, Green

Mole Valley: Mr James Dove, Labour

Mole Valley: Mr Rob Sedgwick, Green

Morecambe and Lunesdale: Chris Coates, Green

Morecambe and Lunesdale: Les Jones, Liberal Democrat

Morley and Outwood: James Monaghan, Liberal Democrat 

New Forest East: Ms Beverley Golden, Green

New Forest East: Mr Peter Sopowski, Labour

New Forest West: Ms Janice Hurne, Labour

Newbury: Adrian Hollister, Green 

Newcastle under Lyme: Cllr Nigel Jones, Liberal Democrat 

Newcastle upon Tyne East: Andrew Gray, Green

Newcastle upon Tyne North: Anna Heyman, Green 

Newcastle upon Tyne North: Catherine McKinnell, Labour 

Newton Abbott: Ms Corinne Lindsey, Green

North Cornwall: Dan Rogerson, Liberal Democrat

North Devon: L'Anne Knight, Green 

North Dorset: Ms Anna Hayball, Green

North Durham: Mr Ian Lindley, Liberal Democrat

North East Cambridgeshire: Mr Peter Roberts, Labour

North East Cambridgeshire: Lorna Spenceley, Liberal Democrat 

North East Hertfordshire: Hugh Annand, Liberal Democrat

North East Hertfordshire: Rosemary Bland, Green

North East Somerset: Ms Gail Coleshill, Liberal Democrat

North East Somerset: Mr Michael Jay, Green

North Herefordshire: Ms Lucy Hurds, Liberal Democrat

North Norfolk: Mr Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat

North Shropshire: Steve Boulding, Green

North Somerset: Mr Brian Mathew, Liberal Democrat

North Somerset: Stephen Parry-Hearn, Labour

North Swindon: Bill Hughes, Green

North West Durham: Owen Temple, Liberal Democrat

North West Hampshire: Ms Sarah Evans, Labour

North West Leicestershire: Mr Ross Wilmott, Labour

North West Norfolk: William Summers, Liberal Democrat

North Wiltshire: Phil Chamberlain,Green

Northampton North: Mr Tony Lochmuller, Green

Northampton North: Mr Andrew Simpson, Liberal Democrat

Northampton South: Ms Julie Hawkins, Green

Northampton South: Clyde Loakes, Labour

Northampton South: Mr Paul Varnsverry, Liberal Democrat

Norwich North: John Cook, Labour/Co-operative 

Norwich North: Ms Jessica Goldfinch, Green

Norwich South: Adrian Ramsey, Green

Nottingham East: Ben Hoare, Green 

Nottingham North: Graham Allen, Labour

Nottingham South: Mr Matthew Butcher, Green

Nottingham South: Ms Lilian Greenwood, Labour

Nottingham South: Tony Sutton, Liberal Democrat 

Nuneaton: Ms Jayne Innes, Labour

Nuneaton: Christina Jebb, Liberal Democrat

Old Bexley and Sidcup: Mr Duncan Borrowman, Liberal Democrat

Old Bexley and Sidcup: Jonathan Rooks, Green 

Oldham East: Mr Phil Woolas, Labour

Oldham West and Royton: Mr Mark Alcock, Liberal Democrat

Oldham West and Royton: Rt Hon. Michael Meacher, Labour

Orpington: Tamara Galloway, Green

Orpington: Mr David McBride, Liberal Democrat

Orpington: Mr Stephen Morgan, Labour

Oxford East: Sushila Dhall, Green

Oxford East: Mr Stephen Goddard, Liberal Democrat

Oxford East: Mr Andrew Smith, Labour

Oxford West and Abingdon: Richard Stevens, Labour 

Penistone and Stockbridge: Ian Cuthbertson, Liberal Democrat 

Penrith and The Border: Barbara Cannon, Labour

Penrith and The Border: Mr Peter Thornton, Liberal Democrat

Peterborough: Ed Murphy, Labour

Plymouth, Moor View: Alison Seabeck, Labour 

Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport: Tony Brown, Green 

Poole: Mr Philip Eades, Liberal Democrat

Poplar and Limehouse: Jonathan Fryer, Liberal Democrat

Poplar and Limehouse: Chris Smith, Green 

Portsmouth North: Dr Iain Maclennan, Green 

Portsmouth North: Mr Darren Sanders, Liberal Democrat

Portsmouth South: Tim Dawes, Green

Portsmouth South: Ms Flick Drummond, Conservative

Preston: Mr Mark Jewell, Liberal Democrat

Putney: James Sandbach, Liberal Democrat


Reading East: Ms Anneliese Dodds, Labour

Reading East: Mr Gareth Epps, Liberal Democrat

Reading East: Mr Rob White, Green

Reading West: Ms Daisy Benson, Liberal Democrat

Reading West: Adrian Windisch, Green

Redditch: Rt Hon Jacqui Smith, Labour

Redditch: Kevin White, Green 

Reigate: Jonathan Essex, Green 

Reigate: Mr Robert Hull, Labour

Ribble Valley: Allan Knox, Liberal Democrat

Ribble Valley: Steve Rush, UKIP 

Richmond: Mr Lawrence Meredith, Liberal Democrat

Richmond: Cllr Leslie Rowe, Green

Richmond Park: Ms Susan Kramer, Liberal Democrat

Richmond Park: James Page, Green 

Rochdale: Mr Paul Rowen, Liberal Democrat

Rochester and Strood: Mr Simon Marchant, Green

Rochford and Southend East: Mr Kevin Bonavia, Labour

Rochford and Southend East: Andrew Vaughan, Green

Romford: Gerry Haines, Green

Romsey: Sandra Gidley, Liberal Democrat

Rother Valley: Kevin Barron, Labour

Rugby: Mr Andy King, Labour

Rugby: Mr Jerry Roodhouse, Liberal Democrat

Rugby: Roy Sandison, Green

Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner: Mr Graham Lee, Green

Runnymede: Ms Jenny Gould, Green

Rushcliffe: Cllr Richard Mallender, Green

Saffron Walden: Barbara Light, Labour 

Saffron Walden: Mr Peter Wilcock, Liberal Democrat

Salisbury: Mr Nick Radford, Liberal Democrat

Salisbury: Nich Startin, Green 

Scarborough and Whitby: Cllr Dilys Cluer, Green

Scarborough and Whitby: Ms Tania Exley-Moore, Liberal Democrat

Scunthorpe: Jane Collins, UKIP

Scunthorpe: Nic Dakin, Labour

Sefton Central: Bill Esterson, Labour 

Sevenoaks: Mr Alan Bullion, Liberal Democrat

Sheffield Central: Cllr Jillian Creasy, Green

Sheffield Hallam: Mr Steve Barnard, Green

Sheffield Hallam: Jack Scott, Labour 

Sheffield Heeley: Simon Clement-Jones, Liberal Democrat 

Sheffield Heeley: Gareth Roberts, Green 

Sheffield South East: Jonathan Arnott, UKIP 

Sheffield South East: Mr Clive Betts, Labour

Shrewsbury and Atcham: Mr Jon Tandy, Labour

Shrewsbury and Atcham: Dr Charles West, Liberal Democrat

Skipton and Ripon: Helen Flynn, Liberal Democrat 

Skipton and Ripon: Claire Hazelgrove, Labour

Sleaford and North Hykeham: Mr James Normington, Labour

Slough: Mr Chris Tucker, Liberal Democrat

Solihull: Lorely Burt, Liberal Democrat 

South Cambridgeshire: Sebastian Kindersley, Liberal Democrat 

South Cambridgeshire: Mr Simon Saggers, Green

South Derbyshire: Mr Alexis Diouf, Liberal Democrat

South Dorset: Brian Heatley, Green

South Dorset: Ms Rosamond Kayes, Liberal Democrat

South East Cambridgeshire: Mr John Cowan, Labour

South Holland and the Deepings: Jenny Conroy, Liberal Democrat 

South Holland and the Deepings: Ashley Baxter, Green

South Norfolk: Mr Mick Castle, Labour

South Norfolk: Ms Jacqueline Howe, Liberal Democrat

South Northamptonshire: Scott Collins, Liberal Democrat 

South Northamptonshire: Mr Matthew May, Labour

South Shields: Stephen Psallidas, Liberal Democrat

South Staffordshire: Sarah Fellows, Liberal Democrat 

South Suffolk: Nigel Bennett, Liberal Democrat

South Suffolk: Sarah Bishton, Labour 

South Swindon: Robert Buckland, Conservative 

South Swindon: Mr Damon Hooton, Liberal Democrat

South Swindon: Ms Jennnifer Miles, Green

South Thanet: Dr Stephen Ladyman, Labour

South West Devon: Mr Luke Pollard, Labour

South West Devon: Anna Pascoe, Liberal Democrat

South West Norfolk: Stephen Gordon, Liberal Democrat

South West Norfolk: Mr Peter Smith, Labour

South West Wiltshire: Ms Rebecca Rennison, Labour

Southampton Itchen: Mr David Goodall, Liberal Democrat

Southampton Itchen: Mr John Spottiswoode, Green

Southampton Test: Mr Chris Bluemel, Green

Southampton Test: Dr Alan Whitehead, Labour 

Southend West: David Amess, Conservative 

Southend West: Barry Bolton, Green 

Southend West: Tom Flynn, Labour 

Southend West: Peter Welch, Liberal Democrat 

Southport: Jim Conalty, Labour 

Southport: John Pugh MP, Liberal Democrat

St. Albans: Jack Easton, Green

St. Austell and Newquay: Mr Stephen Gilbert, Liberal Democrat

St. Austell and Newquay: Mr Lee Jameson, Labour

St. Ives: Tim Andrewes, Green

Stafford: Mr Mike Shone, Green

Staffordshire Moorlands: Ms Charlotte Atkins, Labour

Staffordshire Moorlands: Henry Jebb, Liberal Democrat 

Stalybridge and Hyde: Ruth Bergan, Green 

Stockport: Ann Coffey, Labour

Stockport: Mr Stuart Bodsworth, Liberal Democrat

Stockton North: Mr Alex Cunningham, Labour

Stockton North: Philip Latham, Liberal Democrat

Stoke on Trent Central: John Redfern, Liberal Democrat

Stockton South: Ms Jacquie Bell, Liberal Democrat

Stourbridge: Mr Chris Bramall, Liberal Democrat

Stratford-upon-Avon: Mr Martin Turner, Liberal Democrat

Stratford-upon-Avon: Ms Karen Varga, Green

Streatham: Ms Rebecca Findlay, Green

Streatham: Mr Chris Nicholson, Liberal Democrat 

Stretford and Urmston: Stephen Cooke, Liberal Democrat 

Stretford and Urmston: Ms Margaret Westbrook, Green

Stroud: Dennis Andrewartha, Liberal Democrat 

Stroud: Mr David Drew, Labour

Stroud: Cllr Martin Whiteside, Green

Sunderland Central: Mr Paul Dixon, Liberal Democrat

Suffolk Central and Ipswich North: Mr Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne, Liberal Democrat 

Sutton Coldfield: Richard Brighton, Liberal Democrat 

Sutton Coldfield: Mr Joe Rooney, Green

Tewkesbury: Matthew Sidford, Green 

Thirsk and Malton: Mr Howard Keal, Liberal Democrat

Thornbury and Yate:  Steve Webb, Liberal Democrat

Tiverton and Honiton: Mr Jonathan Underwood, Liberal Democrat

Tonbridge and Malling: Mr Steve Dawe, Green

Tonbridge and Malling: Elizabeth Simpson, Liberal Democrat 

Torbay: Adrian Sanders MP, Liberal Democrat

Torridge and West Devon: Geoffrey Cox, Conservative

Torridge and West Devon: Cathrine Simmons, Green

Totnes: Mr Julian Brazil, Liberal Democrat

Totnes: Lydia Somerville, Green 

Totnes: Ms Carole Whitty, Labour

Truro and Falmouth: Ms Charlotte MacKenzie, Labour

Truro and Falmouth: Terrye Teverson, Liberal Democrat

Truro and Falmouth: Ian Wright, Green 

Tunbridge Wells: Ms Hazel Dawe, Green

Tunbridge Wells: Mr David Hallas, Liberal Democrat

Twickenham: Vince Cable MP, Liberal Democrat

Uxbridge and South Ruislip: Mr Michael Cox, Liberal Democrat

Uxbridge and South Ruislip: Mike Harling, Green

Vauxhall: Dr Joseph Healy, Green

Vauxhall: Kate Hoey, Labour 

Vauxhall: Ms Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat

Wallasey: Ms Leah Fraser, Conservative

Wallasey: Mr Steve Pitt, Liberal Democrat

Walthamstow: Farid Ahmed, Liberal Democrat

Walthamstow: Mr Daniel Perrett, Green

Wansbeck: Mr Nic Best, Green

Wansbeck: Mr Simon Reed, Liberal Democrat

Wantage: Mr Alan Armitage, Liberal Democrat

Wantage: Mr Adam Twine, Green

Warrington South: Nick Bent, Labour

Warrington South: Ms Jo Crotty, Liberal Democrat

Warrington South: David Mowat, Conservative

Warwick and Leamington: Mr Alan Beddow, Liberal Democrat

Warwick and Leamington: Ian Davison, Green

Warwick and Leamington: James Plaskitt, Labour

Watford: Sal Brinton, Liberal Democrat 

Waveney: Alan Dean, Liberal Democrat 

Waveney: Mr Graham Elliott, Green

Waveney: Bob Blizzard, Labour

Wealden: Chris Bowers, Liberal Democrat

Weaver Vale: Howard Thorp, Green 

Wellingborough: Mr Jonathan Hornett, Green

Wells: Mr Chris Briton, Green

Wells: Mr Andy Merryfield, Labour

Wells: Tessa Munt, Liberal Democrat 

Welwyn Hatfield: Mr Mike Hobday, Labour

Welwyn Hatfield: Ms Jill Weston, Green

West Dorset: Sue Farrant, Liberal Democrat

West Lancashire: Rosie Cooper, Labour 

West Lancashire: Peter Cranie, Green 

West Lancashire: Cllr John Gibson, Liberal Democrat

West Lancashire: Mr Adrian Owens, Conservative

West Worcestershire: Cllr Malcolm Victory, Green

Westminster North: Mark Blackburn, Liberal Democrat 

Westminster North: Ms Karen Buck, Labour

Westmorland and Lonsdale: Jonathan Todd, Labour

Weston-Super-Mare: Mr Mike Bell, Liberal Democrat

Wimbledon: Rajeev Thacker, Green 

Winchester: Martin Tod, Liberal Democrat 

Wirral South: Mr Jamie Saddler, Liberal Democrat

Witham: Cllr. James Abbott, Green

Witney: Stuart Macdonald, Green 

Woking: Ms Rosie Sharpley, Liberal Democrat

Wokingham: Marjory Bisset, Green 

Wokingham: Ms Prue Bray, Liberal Democrat

Wokingham: George Davidson, Labour 

Wolverhampton North East: Ms Emma Reynolds, Labour

Wolverhampton North East: Colin Ross, Liberal Democrat

Wolverhampton South West: Mr Robin Lawrence, Liberal Democrat

Worcester: Andrew Robinson, Pirate 

Worcester: Mr Louis Stephen, Green

Workington: Tony Cunningham, Labour

Worsley and Eccles South: Mr Richard Gadsden, Liberal Democrat

Worthing West: Mr Ian Ross, Labour

Worthing West: Ms Hazel Thorpe, Liberal Democrat

Wycombe: Mr Steve Guy, Liberal Democrat

Wycombe: Mr Andrew Lomas, Labour

Wyre Forest: Mr Nigel Knowles, Labour

Yeovil: David Laws, Liberal Democrat 

York Central: Hugh Bayley, Labour 

York Central: Andy Chase, Green

York Central: Mr Christian Vassie, Liberal Democrat

Candidates who support our campaign but don't sign pledges

Beckenham: Bob Stewart, Conservative 

Bracknell: Dr Phillip Lee, Conservative

Bury North: David Nuttall, Conservative

Chelsea and Fulham: Alexander Hilton, Labour

Guildford: Anne Milton, Conservative

Newcastle upon Tyne Central: Chinyelu Susan Onwurah, Labour 

South Thanet: Laura Sandys, Conservative

Stevenage: Stephen McPartland, Conservative