May 22, 2017
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Science under attack at USEPA 

USEPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has dismissed half of the members of the Board of Scientific Counselors, which provides advice, information and recommendations on USEPA's scientific research program. Now is the time to help groups like Chesapeake PSR stand up for science and against Scott Pruitt. Read one way we are doing that below, and please consider a donation to Chesapeake PSR today.



Chesapeake PSR sues Scott Pruitt and USEPA

A coalition of environmental and public health advocates, including Chesapeake PSR, filed suit on May 3rd to challenge a Trump administration effort to undermine critical protections for cleaning up toxic water pollution from coal power plant waste. Some of the power plants in the Chesapeake area affected by the Trump administration order include the Dickerson plant in upper Montgomery County, Maryland, the Morgantown plant in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, and the Clover Station plant in Halifax County, Virginia. The Dickerson and Morgantown plants discharge into the Potomac River.  The Clover Station plant discharges into the Staunton River. These discharges pose serious public health risks. In 2013, power plants discharged nine times more pollutants than the next nine-most polluting industries combined. Read more about the lawsuit here »





Chesapeake PSR backs pesticides law in court

On April 27, nine organizations, including Chesapeake PSR, filed an amicus brief in support of a 2015 landmark Montgomery County, Maryland ordinance, the Healthy Lawns Act (52-14), that restricts the use of certain toxic pesticides on public and private land. Acceptable pesticides are those permitted for use in organic production, or that USEPA have identified as “minimum risk pesticides” under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), Section 25(b). Montgomery County's law is being challenged by an industry back group, despite the known health risks of the pesticides restricted under this ordinance. Read more here »


Offshore Wind Advances in Maryland

Maryland’s Public Service Commission approved two wind developments off the coast of Delaware and Ocean City. These two projects have the potential to generate 368 MW of capacity, spur $1.8 billion in investments, create 9,700 direct and in-direct jobs, and contribute $74 million in taxes over 20 years. Read more on this decision here »



Annual dinner's call to action - no nuclear first strike

Over 50 guests turned out for Chesapeake PSR's Annual Dinner on April 15th at the State Medical Society of Maryland. Our guest speaker, Dr. Ira Helfand, co-President of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, spoke on the growing danger of nuclear war and what we can do about it. We are urging our members to sign a petition in support of legislation prohibiting the President from launching a nuclear first strike without a declaration of war by Congress. Remember, it was President Richard Nixon that famously said, "I can go back into my office and pick up the telephone and in 25 minutes 70 million people will be dead."  

Read about the petition here »



Chesapeake PSR helps give webinar on fracking win  

Gina Angiola, MD and Tim Whitehouse teamed up with Ann Bristow, PhD and Halt the Harm to present a webinar, Maryland's Fracking Win: A Public Health Perspective. A recording of the webinar may be found here »



Dr. Sara Via speaks on RGGI

Dr. Sara Via spoke on the health benefits of RGGI to a workshop, Climate Change and Health in Virginia, sponsored by the Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action, Chesapeake PSR, Inova, the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health, and the American Lung Association. Chesapeake PSR's Health and Energy Bulletin on the health benefits of RGGI may be found here. »


Dr. Gwen DuBois and Tim Whitehouse speak before Lead Commission

Dr. Gwen DuBois and Tim Whitehouse spoke to the Governor's Lead Poisoning Prevention Commission about the lead (Pb) exposure maps created by Chesapeake PSR and the need for reforms in Baltimore City housing courts. One of the maps is below. View more information here »





June 12th: Advisory Group Meeting

Chesapeake PSR's next Advisory Group meeting is June 12th from 11:30 to 2:00. The goal of the Advisory Group is to improve the knowledge base of the organization and its members and volunteers; help design, promote, implement the program work of Chesapeake PSR; and to provide strategic advice and direction to the Board of Directors. It is open to any Board member, volunteer or consultant with Chesapeake PSR, and those interested in learning more about our work. Please relpy to this email for more information.



Chesapeake PSR is a strong health voice on issues of environment, social justice and peace. Our volunteer activists are medical and health professionals and interested individuals. Please volunteer with Chesapeake PSR, donate, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.




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