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Dear Supporter, 
  Tell Cameron To Back A Robin Hood Tax At The G20  

In one week, David Cameron will travel to meet world leaders at the G20 Summit in Cannes.  At this meeting, French President Nicolas Sarkozy will ask governments to sign up to a Robin Hood Tax.  This is a once in a generation opportunity to secure this tax.

We have the support of over 115 organisations in the UK, millions of ordinary people, 1,000 international economists, hundreds of parliamentarians, campaigners in over 50 countries, world leaders such as Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy, and global figures such as Bill Gates. 

But we don’t have the support of the UK Government.

Ask Cameron to choose the people, not the banks >>

Millions of people around the world are standing up to say the financial system is broken, that it needs reform.  This is the first step.  A Robin Hood Tax would be the most popular tax in history.

While Cameron is at Cannes, he must act for those hit hardest by the financial crisis. Act to protect essential public services in the UK, to tackle poverty at home and overseas, and to address climate change.

So please, tell David Cameron to help make history at the G20. Tell him to ignore the banking lobby and take a stand that will be admired worldwide.  

Act now >>

After eighteen months of hard work we’re nearly there.

Tens of thousands of people have already asked Cameron to back the tax. We need thousands more. 

If you do one thing for Robin Hood, please make it this.


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