March 8, 2018
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Dear Friend:

Are you interested in keeping President Trump’s (and any future Presidents’) finger off the nuclear football? Presidents are supposed to go to Congress before initiating a war yet they can, on their own, initiate a nuclear launch. Imagine our impulsive and imperious President who, as he is under more pressure with the Mueller investigation, striking out with a diversionary nuclear launch. He can!
Chesapeake PSR, after a workshop on nuclear weapons and nuclear war, convened a group of anti-nuclear activists from around the State, and we have been busy. We have met with foreign policy senior staff from the offices of Senator Cardin, Senator Van Hollen, House Minority Whip Hoyer, Congressmen Sarbanes, Cummings and Delaney, and Raskin. I will tell you about those meetings in future reports. We call ourselves Marylanders Preventing Nuclear War (MPNW).
For now back to how you can help get Trump’s finger off of the nuclear football:
Email House of Delegates Speaker Michael Busch and Rules Committee Chairwoman Anne Healey and tell them you want their support for  resolution HJ0012 addressing Presidential Authority over the Use of Nuclear Weapons.
HJ0012 is sponsored by Delegate Pam Queen. It instructs our Congresspeople in Washington to stop the President from having sole authority to initiate a nuclear launch. Five other states have similar legislation. MPNW mobilized support and testified (I testified on behalf of Chesapeake PSR) in support HJ0012 but our work is not done, and we need your help.
If we succeed in getting this resolution passed, all of our Congresspeople would be under pressure to support Senate Bill 200 and House Bill 669 in Washington, making it illegal for the President to initiate a nuclear launch. So far Congressmen Sarbanes, Cummings, and Raskin have signed on to HR 669 and Senator Van Hollen to SB 200. We need our entire Congressional delegation to do so. HJ0012 in the Maryland House of Delegates would help us get there and would help encourage other states to follow our example.
Dr. Gwen DuBois for Chesapeake PSR and Marylanders Preventing Nuclear War


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