March 6, 2017
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Fracking takes center stage 

Over 1,000 Marylanders marched on Annapolis on March 3 in support of a fracking ban. Chesapeake PSR's Gina Angiola, MD, spoke at the rally and helped deliver more than 220 signatures of Maryland health professionals urging the Maryland General Assembly to ban fracking in Maryland in the 2017 legislative session.  


Stop fracking - call Sen. Miller now 

The people are speaking. But Maryland Senate President Mike Miller may be our biggest obstacle to passage of a fracking ban bill in Maryland. Call Sen. Miller today at 888-997-5380, and ask him to support a fracking ban in Maryland. Read more about the health effects of fracking and why regulations won't work. 


Offshore wind needs you 

The Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) has scheduled two public hearings in late March for the development of two offshore wind projects in an area off the Maryland coast. The PSC expects to make a decision on the two permit applications in mid-May. Offshore wind needs to be a critical part of a new clean energy economy in Maryland. Read how you can get involved. 





Lead (Pb) still matters

The Maryland General Assembly is considering a number of bills to improve efforts to reduce blood lead levels in children. This is a major priority for Chesapeake PSR. The problem remains particularly acute in Baltimore City. The consequences of not addressing this issue will remain with us for generations. Read more about what is happening in Annapolis and why this matters.


Other issues this session

Energy meter

A number of important bills are moving forward this session and may become law. These include bills that would provide for family medical leave; codify EmPOWER, a program designed to reduce energy consumption in the state; and a bill that would provide additional value to those using WIC and SNAP benefits at farmers' markets. Please contact us if you would like to get involved in any of the bills we are supporting. Read more about our legislative agenda.



Please join us on April 15

Please join us at Chesapeake PSR's Annual Dinner. on April 15 in Baltimore. Our guest speaker, Dr. Ira Helfand, co-president of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), will speak on the growing danger of nuclear war and what we can do about it. Register here or by emailing Read more on our events page.


Our membership map

We are resending our membership map from last month. Have you seen it? We recently mapped the location of the 1,347 donors and people who have taken actions over the past two years. We found our members in every part of the state, with the highest concentrations in Montgomery County and Baltimore County. Are there members and activists in your neighborhood? Check out our map.




Chesapeake PSR is a strong health voice on issues of environment, social justice and peace. Our volunteer activists are medical and health professionals and interested individuals. Please volunteer with Chesapeake PSR, donate, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.




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