Tero, one of four bears rescued, is now safe from being viciously attacked; he is now enclosed within the quarantine area of our Balkasar Sanctuary, Pakistan.
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Through your dedicated support, World Animal Protection and our local partner organization recently teamed up with local law enforcement officers and wildlife authorities to stop a brutal baiting event in Pakistan. As a result, four bears were rescued from a life of suffering and abuse. Police also arrested the bear owners and event organizers, as bear baiting is illegal under Pakistan’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. This rescue was only possible because of your dedicated support - thank you!

The four bears, named Alba, Tero, Luz and Zoe, have begun their new lives at the World Animal Protection-funded Balkasar Bear Sanctuary in Pakistan. By making a donation of only $18 today, you could provide one of these rescued bears with all the nutritious food they need for one week. 


While we are so pleased to share with you this fantastic news, we know that there are still around 40 bears imprisoned for bear baiting in Pakistan. With your dedicated support today, together, we 
can continue to rescue bears from bear baiting and protect animals around the world.


World Animal Protection Team

P.S. Through your continued support today, these four bears can live out the rest of their lives cruelty-free at the Balkasar Sanctuary, and we can keep working tirelessly to rescue the 40 more bears still imprisoned. 

You can read more about their dramatic rescue.  

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