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June 23, 2015

Environment & Health

PSR Helps Launch Special Climate-Focused Issue of Lancet

In a special issue released today, the British medical journal The Lancet found that while effects of climate change are being felt today with projections representing an unacceptably high and potentially catastrophic risk to human health, action on climate change provides a huge opportunity for improvements in global health. PSR celebrated the special issue at an official launch event at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City, where PSR member Perry Sheffield, MD, was a featured speaker. In addition, multiple PSR spokespeople reached out to the media. Read more »

New Report Reveals Massive Water Contamination from Coal Wastewater

Selling Our Health Down the River coverPSR released a new report, coauthored with several environmental organizations, on the severe threats to health from coal waste contamination of U.S. waterways. Coal-fired power plants are a major polluter of U.S. streams, lakes and rivers, dumping thousands of pounds of toxics like mercury, lead, arsenic, chromium and cadmium each year and contaminating fish and drinking water sources. Shockingly, this toxic dumping is not regulated. EPA will finalize a rule this year to establish limits on these toxics; PSR is pushing to make that rule strong enough to be meaningful. Read the full report here.

Wind Power: Clean, Efficient and Healthy

Offshore WindThe sixth in the series of Climate Health Action Team (CHAT) webinars focused on wind energy's contribution to mitigate climate change, reduce carbon emissions and water consumption, improve air quality, and provide corresponding economic and health benefits. Presenters from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and PSR Iowa's Maureen McCue MD, all spoke about wind energy's potential to help states meet the Clean Power Plan’s benchmarks for carbon dioxide emissions reduction. Watch this webinar and all previous CHAT webinars here.

Peace & Security

PSR Secures AMA Resolution on Nuclear Weapons!

Bob Dodge, Oscar Arias, Ira HelfandOn June 4th, Bob Dodge, MD and Ira Helfand, MD (pictured here flanking Dr. Oscar Arias, recipient of the 1987 Nobel Peace Prize) participated in the Rotary Peace Symposium in Sao Paulo, Brazil, immediately prior to the 106th Rotary International Convention. Addressing the symposium, Dr. Helfand requested that Rotary International promote peace by joining the Humanitarian Impact Initiative. Also, thanks to support from PSR members in several states, the PSR-sponsored nuclear disarmament resolution was adopted June 9 by the American Medical Association at their Annual Conference. Read more »

Prepare to Support Iran Deal Next Month

The deadline for an Iran Deal is coming up on June 30th. However, many are anticipating talks to extend a week or two. As soon as an agreement is reached, we will need all hands on deck to lobby Congress in support of the negotiated agreement. Please be on the lookout around this time for action alerts from PSR Security.

PSR Security News & Views ~ June Edition

NewsPSR Security Program will begin delivering you the top 10 news articles and opinion pieces each month to keep you informed about what's happening in the nuclear disarmament movement. Check out our first edition!

PSR Events

Gala for Peace & Health

Gala for Peace & HealthOn Saturday, September 19th, PSR will host the Gala for Peace & Health at the Austrian Embassy in Washington, DC. The evening will include Austrian wines, hors d'oeuvres and more. Read more »

In This Issue

PSR Helps Launch Special Climate-Focused Issue of Lancet

New Report on Contamination from Coal Wastewater

Wind Power: Clean, Efficient and Healthy

PSR Secures AMA Resolution on Nuclear Weapons!

Prepare to Support Iran Deal Next Month

PSR Security News & Views

Gala for Peace & Health

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G7 Leaders Agree to Limit Global Temperature Increase to 2 Degrees C by Barbara Gottlieb

PSR Actions

Embrace the Pope's Call for Climate Action! »

Coal Power Plants -- the biggest water polluters around »

In the News

New Report Details Toxic Water Pollution from Power Plants
Environmental Protection
June 18, 2015
A new report details the damage caused by the wastewater and the need for strong regulations to protect public health.

Pa.'s drinking water needs Clean Water Rule
June 17, 2015
An op-ed from PSR member Dr. Alan S. Peterson.

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