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HSI: end bullfighting
 22 August 2013

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Dear Friend,

Right now, the Spanish government is considering a law to protect and promote bullfighting, an outdated spectacle that causes the slow and tortuous death of a beautiful bull.

The majority of Spanish citizens don't support bullfighting. Nor do they want their taxes spent protecting it.

Join us in opposing the proposed new law by sending a message to the Spanish government today!

Spain has so many treasures to cherish, but by supporting and protecting the killing of bulls for entertainment, Spain's government risks leaving a terrible legacy for future generations.

The torment and death of animals for amusement, or for cultural reasons, can never be acceptable. It is cruel and outdated, and has no place in a modern society.

Write now: Ask the Spanish government to do the right thing.

Let them know that by taking a compassionate stance against this cruel pastime, they would surely win the hearts of citizens around the world.

Thanks for all you do for animals.

Andrew Rowan
President and CEO
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