Stop the Escalation of War in Iraq
Please call your Rep at the Congressional switchboard -- 202-224-3121!

Dear Supporter,

As you know, last week President Obama announced that he was going to send nearly 500 more troops to Iraq on top of the over 3,500 already sent. This is after already 17,000 airstrikes over the region at a combined cost of nearly $3 billion.

That's a year's worth of war and fighting without Congress weighing in as required by the Constitution.

Finally some in Congress are trying to force a debate on the Iraq war - and they need our support right now.

Can you dial your Representative now? Call the Congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121.  Urge them to support H. CON. RES 55 and do their constitutional duty by holding a debate on the war in Iraq and Syria.

Our allies in Congress, Reps. Jim McGovern (D-MA), Walter Jones (R-NC), and Barbara Lee (D-CA), are using the War Powers Act to force Congress to debate and take a vote on the U.S. war in Iraq and Syria.  Their bill mandates that Congress debate and vote on the war. If they fail to approve the war, all troops must be removed by the end of the year. This process allows the public to weigh in and oppose a blank check for an endless war.

A vote is expected tomorrow late in the afternoon.  Call your Representative now at 202-224-3121.  Tell them to stop shirking their constitutional duty and instead hold a debate and an up or down vote on the war.

The Obama adminsitration knows that the current war in Iraq is on very shaky legal ground. That's why they asked Congress for a new AUMF months ago. Congress has refused to act -- up until now.

The President has said repeatedly that there is no military solution to ISIS, yet, it seems nearly all our resources are spent on military strategies.  It’s time for Congress to debate this war and to lift up other strategies such as starving ISIS of resources from illegal oil, antiquities and food commodities; cracking down on access to foreign forces and military supplies; and working to end the civil war in Syria.

We expect a vote in the next 24 hours. 
Dial your Representative at the congressional switchboard now at 202-224-3121.  Urge them to support H. CON. RES 55 and to do their constitutional duty by holding a debate and a vote on an AUMF in Iraq and Syria.

Please call today!

Thank you for all you do for peace,

Jon Rainwater
Executive Director

Peace Action West2201 Broadway, Ste 321 Oakland, CA 94612800.949.9020

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