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A police officer, but not a juror. An employee, but not a director. A voter, but not an MP. The law currently says that it’s ok to discriminate against people affected by mental illness. That’s one in four of the population being denied opportunities to contribute to these areas of society.

We don’t think this is right. We believe that changing this law will send a clear message that mental health stigma in our society is wrong and won’t be tolerated.

This is our chance to end mental health discrimination in the law!

In just over two weeks’ time MPs will have the opportunity to vote to change outdated legislation that says someone with mental illness can’t serve on a jury, can’t be a company director or an MP.


Gavin Barwell MP is taking forward the Mental Health (Discrimination) Bill on 14 September. We need at least 100 MP votes in support of the Bill for it to be passed. We need you to ask your MP to support the Bill – the more people who do this, the more likely that the Bill will be passed!

Take a look at our video and find out from fellow campaigners why they will be contacting their MP today.

Make history now and ask your MP to vote to support the Bill

Melanie Dupin, Senior Activism Officer

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