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Are hunts spreading bovineTB? Contact the government and ask them to suspend all hunting

Bovine TB, the disease ravaging herds of cattle across England and Wales, has been discovered in a pack of hounds used for fox hunting. Between 25 and 40 hounds from this pack have already been put down

However, we estimate that there are more than 3,000 hunting hounds in the Btb epidemic zone alone, which may be out in the countryside an average of two days a week during the six-month hunting season.


Hunting needs to be suspended indefinitely to ensure that the thousands of hounds used in the ‘sport’ cannot spread the disease.

If the hounds infected each other, they may have infected other packs when taken out to country shows. It is also possible that beagles or harrier packs, that may share the same fields, are also at risk of getting infected.

If other packs of hounds were invited as guests in the Kimblewick Hunt’s territory, those hounds could have been infected in the same way, and then taken the disease to their own territory when they returned home.

The ramifications of this are staggering not only for the British countryside, but those who live in it and those who enjoy it.

Please contact Defra using the form on the right and ask them to urgently suspend hunting to prevent further outbreak.

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