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No-one should have to pay for essential diabetes care

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People living with diabetes should never have to pay for their kidney checks. If you have been charged for any part of your annual kidney check, you can use this form to say that this is not acceptable.

Add your details to generate a letter, which you'll then have a chance to edit after clicking 'next'. The letter explains why it is a big mistake to charge people for essential diabetes checks. It also asks decision makers in your area to stop charging right now.

Kidney checks help prevent serious diabetes-related complications, and should happen at least once each year. 

Yet a recent Diabetes UK survey has shown almost 10 per cent of people are having to pay for urine sample bottles as part of the check. 

If you haven't been charged you can still help by sharing this tool with friends, family and colleagues living with diabetes. This will help more people who have been unfairly charged for this crucial check.

You can find out more about the 15 Healthcare Essentials which should be on offer to everyone living with diabetes on our website. All the details of Diabetes UK's policy on kidney checks are also available online.


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