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Monitoring Child and Maternal Health Improvements


In 2010, World Vision along with our supporters, were part a nationwide effort to make child and maternal health a priority at the June 2010 G8 Summit in Canada because no child or mother should die from preventable causes. 

At the end of the Summit, we were all pleased to hear about the Muskoka Initiative (MI) through which Canada promised to invest an additional $1.1 billion in practical efforts to stop the preventable deaths of children under-five and mothers. But it’s not just about how much money a government is giving. It’s also about making sure that the money goes to programs that work and people that need it. Knowing this, processes were created after the Summit to track the money and the results. 

World Vision supporters and staff have followed the implementation of the MI by Canada, specifically in the 10 countries it identified as MI countries. As part of WV’s ongoing work to support the Muskoka Initiative, we are asking the Canadian government to keep showing Canadians where the money is going, and the difference it is making.  We also know that Canada will be able to track its progress better when the countries it is supporting have strong tracking systems themselves. Those countries need help from governments like Canada to strengthen their information systems to report clearly on the impact of investments in child and maternal health. 

Please take a moment to read the petition below and sign your name, address and postal code. We will deliver a paper copy of this petition to the Prime Minister.  For more information on the Muskoka Initiative, click here.


Petition for Muskoka Initiative Accountability

Dear Right Honourable Stephen Harper,


I am proud that the Canadian government created the Muskoka Initiative to help ensure that children and women living in poverty experience good health. It is important to me that my government is openly accountable to its promises. I want the Canadian government to report regularly on how much money has been spent on the Muskoka Initiative and what this money has achieved between now and 2015.


I also know that to track the results of Canadian investment in the 10 Muskoka Initiative countries, those countries will need support to strengthen their accountability frameworks and improve health governance.  I am asking the Canadian government to help these 10 countries better monitor and evaluate the impact of investments in child and maternal health in their country.