Mrs Meghwar always dreamed of planning her daughter’s wedding. But now Kiran is a prisoner in a stranger’s home, forcibly married to a Muslim man after being snatched off the street.

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£17 could support an awareness campaign to educate young girls like Kiran about the risks of abduction
£38 could help pay for an advocate to lobby the UK and international goverments to push for stricter legislation in Pakistan
£56 could help run a workshop with parents and community leaders to raise awareness of the dangers, and prevent girls being abducted
£103 could help bring survivors of forced marriage to the UN to give testimony

Kiran disappeared on the way to buy vegetables for dinner. When she was late coming home, the neighbours came and told her parents the horrifying news that they’d seen Kiran being pulled into a stranger’s car. 

It was only after a few agonising days of uncertainty that they realised the truth: Kiran had been abducted, forced to marry a Muslim man, and renamed Fatima. Kiran Meghwar had become a stranger.

She’s just 13. 

When I met Kiran's family after she was abducted her parents were distraught. I was so angry that a child could be stolen from her parents. I often think of Kiran and wonder how she's being treated. Is she hurt? Is she suffering physical or sexual abuse? Until she is safely back with her parents I really pray there's at least someone who is kind to her. No child should be forced to marry or convert - this is no life for a child.

Every day in Pakistan three Hindu or Christian girls are kidnapped, forced to marry strangers and made to convert to Islam. That’s another three families every day enduring the unimaginable. We’re fighting for a world where this tragedy is a thing of the past; but we can’t do it without your help.

Kiran’s parents haven’t given up hope that they’ll see their daughter again.

Please donate today to help fund a future of hope. 

South Asia Advocacy Officer 

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By Praying, protesting, providing and proclaiming, individuals and churches are helping to make religious freedom a reality. Please join them and get involved!

Mervyn Thomas,
Chief Executive, CSW