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August 29th

7:30am-Before Fareway Opens!

5 Minutes To Fill Your Cart!


OR claim a $450 gift certificate to Fareway in lieu of Grocery Grab

(Winner may only choose one or the other)

Drawing of ONE winner will take place.  We will do a Facebook Live drawing on August 26th to pick the winner. We will call you to make you aware of your prize. 

The following items are not included in the spree: medications, gift cards, stamps, lottery tickets, tobacco, alcohol, and non-grocery items such as toilet paper, disinfectant wipes, or soap.  Food items will be the only itmes accepted.

Winners may only take two-like items of a kind. For example: two bags of shrimp, two frozen pizzas, or two hams. Anything more will not count towards the spree. 

The meat department is available, but again may only take two-like items of a kind. You must verbally say to the employee what you would like from the meat counter, a list can not be handed to the  meat counter employee.

Pop will be accepted, however you may only take two packs of pop regardless of brand or type. 

A winner may run with only one cart at a time, but can bring the full cart up to the front and grab an empty new cart before dashing off again. The cart must make it up to the front by the register before a new cart can be grabbed.

If you are unable to run through the store, a winner may choose a family member who is over the age of 18 to run in their place. Both the winner, and the runner will need to be present at the store at the time of the run.

Participants who purchased tickets previous to the COVID-19 outbreak may choose to recieve a refund for their ticket. 

1 Ticket
1 individual ticket
5 Tickets
5 tickets
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