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TPP action

Dear Friend,

The Harper government just signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a 12-country trade deal that goes well beyond trade.

Here are just some of the things that Harper gave away so that he could brag about concluding a deal during the final days of the election campaign. If you care about these issues, send a letter now to the political party leaders demanding they reject the TPP if elected.

Our jobs: Tens of thousands of well-paid Canadian manufacturing jobs will be lost in the automotive and other sectors. I care about jobs »

Our family farms and milk: American milk, which can include bovine growth hormone, will be allowed into the Canadian market, edging out our locally produced, hormone-free milk. I care about farms »

Our health care: Pharmaceutical patents will be extended, delaying the release of more affordable generic drugs and adding billions to our annual public health care bill. I care about health »

Our mail: New rules will affect our crown corporations including Canada Post, opening the door to privatization. I care about mail »

Our environmental regulations: Canadian legislation and policies will be subject to lawsuits from foreign corporations, jeopardizing our environmental regulations and costing billions. I care about the environment »

It’s time for fair trade deals that benefit communities, not just corporations.

Tell our political parties where you stand and what you want the next government to do about the TPP. Send your letter now.

Thank you so much for taking action,

Sujata Dey
Sujata Dey
Trade Campaigner