Ready to continue the fight against Kinder Morgan pipeline
May 19, 2016
Our team is hard at work, reviewing the NEB's report and determining our next steps in the fight against Kinder Morgan.

Ecojustice staff lawyers Morgan Blakley, Karen Campbell, and Margot Venton are hard at work determining our next steps in the fight against Kinder Morgan.

Dear Elizabeth,

Today, the National Energy Board (NEB) handed down its recommendation to approve the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion. While the outcome doesn’t come as a surprise, we are disappointed that this flawed pipeline plan has managed to dodge yet another bullet.

But we’re not giving up. In fact, our efforts just kicked into high-gear.

We now have 30 days to bring a legal challenge against this project.  

As you read this message, Ecojustice lawyers are hard at work reviewing the NEB’s report with a fine-tooth comb and examining all of its 157 conditions. And outside the courtroom, we continue to pressure the federal government to live up to its promises to combat climate change and reject Kinder Morgan’s pipeline outright.

Map of tar sands tanker routes in the Salish Sea and Kinder MOrgan Trans Mountain Tar Sands Pipeline.

The shaded blue area on this map indicates the Southern Resident Killer Whale population's critical habitat, and the red lines indicate tar sands tanker routes. (Map credit: Wilderness Committee)

We can’t do it alone, so we’re counting on your help.

Your continued support will ensure we have the resources we need to build a case to stop a seven-fold increase in tanker traffic through the Salish Sea, where shipping traffic already poses a major risk to the recovery of the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales.

Help us stand strong against the likes of Kinder Morgan in defence of British Columbia’s coast and our climate. Please donate today.



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Devon Page, Executive Director

P.S. Thanks to our friends at the Wilderness Committee for sharing the map above. You can also check out the interactive map they launched this week, which includes powerful testimonials from municipalities and First Nations communities located along the Kinder Morgan pipeline route.


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