MARCH 2016

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What Will the Next President Do for the West?

Here in the West, voters want to know how candidates will address our unique circumstances. However, many candidates have yet to present a vision to preserve the legacy of the West for all Americans. We have four requests for these presidential candidates that will protect our land, air, and water in the region. 

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WRA Keeping Rivers Flowing in the West
Since rivers don’t stop at state borders, neither should our efforts to protect them. We need efficient and practical water management across the entire West to ensure our rivers thrive. See what’s happening for rivers in Arizona, Colorado, and Utah.

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Expensive Lake Powell Pipeline Still a Boondoogle

The Lake Powell Pipeline is a proposed water supply project that would pump 28 billion gallons of Colorado River water each year from Lake Powell to Utah - but it’s not necessary. Alternative water supply strategies can meet Utah’s needs faster and cheaper without digging a 130-mile-long trench through Utah’s scenic landscapes. This pipeline proposal should be dropped now, before it pulls more time and money into a black hole.

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Aveda Earth Month Fundraising Events to Benefit Water in the West 

WRA is honored to be chosen for a tenth year as Aveda’s regional Earth Month partner. We are so inspired by Aveda’s dedication to protecting the West’s rivers and water supplies, and the farms and families that rely on them. Aveda is creating a better future for the West—and we can’t thank them enough for their hard work and support! Check out our three minute "Life is Better with Water" video to learn more. 


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