Let's put a stop to bird deaths on tailings ponds
October 7, 2016
Stop thousands of birds from dying in Alberta's tar sands.

Dear Sharon,

Every year, hundreds of thousands of birds land on toxic tailings ponds in northern Alberta thinking they are natural bodies of water. The unfortunate birds that land on these poisonous ponds are then at-risk of being trapped and drowning. It is estimated that approximately 5,000 die each year after landing on tailings ponds.

These birds need the federal government to step up on their behalf.  Add your voice to our call for the Commissioner of Environment and Sustainable Development to open a thorough investigation into this matter. 


Under the Migratory Birds Convention Act, the federal government has a responsibility to protect migratory birds and has the power to hold tar sands operators responsible for their deaths. But despite there being a law to protect migratory birds, the government has failed to take swift, decisive action.

Join us as we urge the Commissioner to investigate why the federal government stands by while thousands of birds are killed by tailings ponds every year.

We must ensure that migratory birds have safe passage. Please send a strong message in support of these birds today.



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Devon Page, Executive Director

Photo via Wikimedia Commons


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