January 23, 2017
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Virginia Updates

Our legislative agenda in Virginia

Chesapeake PSR is supporting a number of climate and energy bills in the Virginia General Assembly. With excitement and energy building behind a movement for change in Virginia, please contact your state legislators and let them know the importance of changing energy policy in Virginia. We will send you updates on these and other bills throughout the session. 

Read more on the bills we are supporting.


Climate, health and the Potomac River

Chesapeake PSR Virginia Advisory Group member Erica Bardwell, RN, writes about the need for more comprehensive water planning in the Washington, D.C. metropolitian area in light of climate modeling that shows the potential for significant drops in the water flows of the Potomac River, the main source of drinking water in the D.C. metropolitan area. 

Read why climate change's effects on the Potomac River matter to millions. 


Time to act aggressively on climate - locally

Chesapeake PSR Board Member Gina Angiola, MD, writes that in the vacuum of national and international cooperation and coordination on climate action, state and local governments must step in: "Climate disruption is here, it's a public health emergency, and it requires urgent, bold and sustained action from government and civil society at all levels." 

Read about what Maryland and Virginia can do to boldly fight global warming.

AMA: Should doctors talk about climate change?

Chesapeake PSR Board Member Laalitha Surapaneni, MD, MPH, writes about the American Medical Association's recent call to clinicians to speak up on climate change. Sea level rise, waterborne illnesses and divestment concerns push the issue into urgent territory, writes Dr. Surapaneni.  

Read why physicians serve the public interest by speaking on climate. 


Lobby Days

Please join Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action (VCCA) on January 25 to educate the Virginia General Assembly about the importance of advancing solutions to climate change and protecting Virginians from the health impacts of climate change.

Read about how you can join the climate action event.


What do you think?

This year, PSR National and Chesapeake PSR have been laying the groundwork to launch a PSR chapter in Virginia. You have been witness to our first steps, and we’d like to know what you think. Please take this very brief, five-question survey to share your thoughts, questions and preferences



Chesapeake PSR is a strong health voice on issues of environment, social justice and peace in Virginia and Maryland. Our volunteer activists are medical and health professionals and interested individuals. Please volunteer with Chesapeake PSR, donate, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.




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