Christmas Appeal 2018

Good afternoon, I hope this email reaches you well.

I am writing today to update you about our ongoing work to ensure no family ever has to use a foodbank, and to ask if you can please support us by making a donation this Christmas time. Thank you so much if you have already made a donation to our Christmas appeal.  

We recently met Helen, a parent, whose friend noticed that she wasn’t coping well and told her about the local foodbank. Her washing machine had broken, she had no money to repair it and so she was struggling to keep the children clean for school. She hadn’t even been able to replace school shoes.

"I felt ashamed to go to the foodbank"

This was a turning point for Helen and as a direct result of advice from our welfare rights team, Helen got the financial support she was entitled to, and very badly needed.

By working directly with and learning from people in crisis at foodbanks, we have been able to shine a light on the problems of individual families like Helen’s, to push for the bigger changes that will better support struggling families across the country.

Any family can fall on hard times and find it difficult to make ends meet. Two-thirds of children growing up in poverty have parents who work. Families need support during these times to ensure all children get the best start in life. Emergency responses such as foodbanks have helped Helen to feed her children; your support for CPAG is vital so we can make sure that Helen, and the many other parents like her, have the incomes they need so they never have to use a foodbank again.

CPAG’s work with foodbanks has contributed to our national policy and legal work, while evidence we have collected has been used in many of our reports and inquiries to help us to push for long term changes for children growing up in poverty.

We continue to support families across the country by giving front-line workers practical help with the social security system.  In the past three years, CPAG’s work in just two foodbanks has recovered £4.2 million in 1512 cases – money that people should have had at the very outset, making sure they didn’t have to turn to a foodbank. This £4.2 million is money that struggling families can use to meet their own needs and pay for food, school uniforms and towards housing costs.

Child Poverty Action Group is the strong and trusted voice on ending child poverty. Thanks to CPAG supporters like you, millions have benefited from a childhood free from poverty as a result of our campaigns and services.

We don’t want any other parents to have to turn to foodbanks in desperation. Please donate now to CPAG, so we can continue to make sure that no child has to miss out on a childhood because of poverty.


Thank you for taking the time to read this email. With best wishes for a peaceful Christmas.

Alison Garnham

Chief Executive, Child Poverty Action Group



  • Enable us to continue to challenge laws that affect a child’s wellbeing
    We recently made sure that 70,000 disabled people will not lose out on money owed to them.  
  • Help run our free advice service
    We advise and support hundreds of frontline workers across the UK to so that struggling families get the assistance they need.
  • Enable us to continue to campaign on behalf of children living in poverty in the UK today 
    We successfully campaigned for universal child benefit, a lifeline for many families. Child benefit has not risen with inflation in recent years so we still have work to do.

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